Teen Life

If you were to look at the shelves of a library or bookstore, you would see a great deal of books that fall into the hugely popular young adult genre. Wait…I know what you’re thinking, and yes, you’re correct. There are the tales of teenage vampires and werewolves in a love triangle finding true love. There are books where “chosen” teens living in a dystopian world fight to the death on a cruel game show, where they also, yes, you guessed it, find true love. Young adult books like this do exist and are in fact, very entertaining for teens and adults alike. So much more though, can be found within the young adult genre.

Appealing to ages 12 and up, the popularity of the young adult has grown enormously over the past decade. The pages of these books are also home to teenage characters who, like many teens real life, are facing life-altering and serious issues. The blog Teen Librarian Toolbox helped me to see just how many issues young adults are facing today. It made me reflect back on my own teenage years and some of the situations that I faced growing up. Many times, I felt like the only people I could turn to or trust were my friends. This blog has done an excellent job advocating for and educating their readers about issues faced by teens. Sex and sexuality, incarceration, LGBTQ topics, body image, mental health, and poverty are just a few of the very important topics that the blog covers. Obviously not every person is going to experience every issue that is listed on Teen Librarian Toolbox, but perhaps they may have a friend experiencing the issue and want to help them. Having a trusted adult to talk to and a positive support network can help young adults realize that they are not alone, and as parents, educators, and adults who know and work with teens, it is our job educate ourselves about what the youth of today might be facing. Teen Librarian Toolbox helps to do exactly that.